What is snow blindness? – Eye irritation caused by UV exposure

What is snow blindness?

-Inability to see during a blizzard
-Burns caused by snow in the eyes
-Eye irritation caused by UV exposure
-Ice crystals in the eyes

Snow blindness is a painful eye condition caused by exposing the eyes to ultraviolet (UV) rays reflecting off snow and ice. It is particularly prevalent at high altitude, and severe cold and dryness exacerbates it. The symptoms include blurry vision, pain, swelling and watery eyes, and they may not be apparent until some time has passed after exposure, much like a sunburn. Snow blindness is preventable by wearing sunglasses or goggles that block UV rays. Source: AAO.org

Eye irritation caused by UV exposure

Eye injuries from ultraviolet (UV) light can be serious. Injuries include exposure to: High-intensity light from welding equipment. Wear a welding mask or goggles for protection. Sunlight (ultraviolet rays). This is especially true at elevations above 5000 ft (1524 m) or when the sun glares off snow or water.

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